Good news reached us recently when we heard that a student who was sponsored by Cwmni Da had been awarded a PhD by Bangor University. The company had sponsored Shân Pritchard from Bethesda for some time, and we were delighted when we discovered that Shân -or Doctor Pritchard as she is now known – had completed her studies. Shân’s academic work played a vital rôle in two of our multimedia productions, Dyma Fi, and Generation Beth. We were delighted to receive the following message from Shân earlier this week.

“Without Cwmni Da’s sponsorshipl it wouldn’t have been possible to continue with my studies or to support this innovative research”, she wrote. “The dissertation, which studies the use of the Welsh language in the digital world is a notable contribution to an academic field of growing importance. Minority languages can struggle to make themselves heard in this challenging landscape.”

“Meeting your needs as a company, the dissertation mainly focuses on the user experiences and attitudes of Welsh speakers who use Welsh or bilingual apps. Of course, the innovative part of the research is that it was conducted in partnership with Cwmni Da, and bridged the area between the academic and commercial sectors. As a result the research has produced useful information for language planners and policy implementers, as well as Cwmni Da and the whole digital industry in Wales.

I want to thank everybody at Cwmni Da for their welcome during my period spent in the office in Caernarfon. I was in my element at Victoria Dock, and I’ll look back on that period with very fond memories. ”

Well thank you Shân, and rest assured, there will be a warm welcome waiting for you when you next visit Cwmni Da. Congratulations!