• Britain’s Holiest Places

Britain’s Holiest Places

Discover ancient shrines, wells and churches with this iOS app for iPhone and iPad.

In association with S4C, Cwmni Da developed this iPhone and iPad app which accompanies Ifor ap Glyn’s popular series, Pagans and Pilgrims: Britain’s Holiest Places.

Users can use the app to discover 500 astonishing holy places across the UK which feature in the series. Using the device’s GPS technology, you can follow a route to each site, browse images, and read about the history of some of Britain’s most sacred buildings, shrines, and natural features. Each location becomes easily accessible with full directions, maps and visitor information.

Britain’s vast spiritual heritage will enchant anyone with a sense of the sacred. Celtic healing pools, ancient shirines, exotic saints, spectacular artworks, soaring cathedrals, mystical islands and humble rustic churches bring 2,000 years of belief vividly to life.
This app contains all 500 sacred sites listed in Nick Mayhew-Smith’s bestselling book ‘Britain’s holiest places’ which is a result of a five-year journey from Orkney to the Channel Islands. Now converted for easy use on the move.
Britain’s holiest places rediscovers this remarkable landscape, shaped by centuries of faith, ritual and some truly extraordinary people. Among its many unforgettable highlights:

A Celtic bathing pool still used daily after 1,300 years.
Christian paintings as old as the art in Rome’s Catacombs.
The room where Baptists held their first meetings.
A Roman-era mosaic of Christ.