Europe’s Last Nomads

S4C | 1 x 60minutes | Cwmni Da / Interspot / Kwanza / Grupo Ganga

We follow cattle and sheep herders along ancient trails, tracing the footsteps of their ancestors.

The shepherds and their enormous flocks in Spain, France, Italy, Austria and Romania have come to make room for a traditional, nature-oriented lifestyle. On their path across Europe, they set their own pace and lead their own lives – a life deeply in touch with nature and their animals.
„Europe’s Last Nomads“ tells the engaging story of transhumance – nomadic pasture farming – in the third millennium, from different angles: From the point of view of animals and humans, building momentum and guaranteeing a differentiated and entertaining approach to these epic migrations.

A Coproduction of Interspot Film, Kwanza, Cwmni Da and Ganga Productions for ORF Universum, France 2 and S4C. Funded by Creative Europe Media and Fernsehfonds Austria, distributed by ORF Enterprise.