Cwffio Cawell

S4C | 3 x 30minutes

Cagefighting is one of the fastest growing sport in the World and is becoming increasingly popular within the world of contact sport.

In ‘Cwffio Cawell’ (‘Cage Fighting’) we’ll be punching preconceptions and opening the door to the world of the cage fighter.

Robin is one of the stars of cageighting in North Wales. Not only is Robin Robin Humphreys a British kick boxing champion but he also owns an international belt. Since starting filming the sereis, Robin has started his training as a policeman. He has been training the crafts of kick boxing, karate and ‘Jiu Jitsu’ at ‘ Chris Pritchard’s Academy’ in Caernarfon,which is a contact sport academy with over 200 members.

One of the other part time trainers at this Academy is Leah Thomas, who’s also a waitress in Felinheli when she’s not taking classes. Since starting to study karate when she was 9 years old, Leah has developed into a cagefighter. Leah has had two fights at ‘Battle in the Bay, North Wales’ largest cagefighting event, and has won both.

Emma Barton has only been cage fighting for a year and the series follows her fist cage fight. In the day, she’s a teaching assistant at Bethel primary school, but in the evenings she’s busy training at the Academy in Caernarfon. Kick boxing is her main interest and she started cage fighting to improve her fitness.