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Generation Beth

Who are the new Welsh generation?

Generation What is an interactive program produced by France Télévisions, Upian, and Yami 2, in partnership with the EBU as well as 14 European broadcasters. In essence, it is an evolution of Génération Quoi, a large-scale survey conducted in France in 2013 to draw the portrait of the current generation of 15-34 year olds. This time, 11 countries have joined France for the purpose of making this program a truly European event: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Luxemburg, Holland, Wales, Greece, and the Czech Republic. Cwmni Da were appointed producers for Wales.

The project is broken down into three parts:

● A comprehensive online questionnaire, available in participating European countries and designed with the help of sociologists. The purpose of this questionnaire is to probe this generation’s ambitions, hopes, and fears.

● A documentary and statistical portrait of Welsh youth, consisting of their testimonies and enhanced in real time by the data collected via the questionnaire.

● A documentary and statistical portrait of European youth, consisting of intersecting testimonies from the youth of all participating countries and enhanced in real time by the data collected via the questionnaire, as well as a map infographic for comparing answers by country on a European scale.