I’r Gwyllt – Papua New Guinea

S4C | 1 x 60minutes

An emotional journey as Amlyn Parry records music with the indigenous people of Papua New Guinea.

Although Amlyn currently works as an outdoor leader in Llanrwst, the attraction towards the remote island, its culture and people is stronger than ever.

I’r Gwyllt : Papua New Guinea was aired on Saturday, 10th of December 2016 and follows Amlyn’s journey as he returns to the community to see old friends and to record some music in the local area.

There are over 820 different languages in Papua New Guinea – 12% of the whole languages of the earth. It’s a mountainous island, heavy with tropical forests and so the communities living in remote villages have been able to sustain their unique cultures.

The friendship between Amlyn and the community where he lived has survived years and miles, but it was just a matter of time until he would return. This time, he wanted to give something back to the community for being so good to him the last time he was there.

A decade ago, he saw how music could relieve the tension and violence between the tribes living there. This time, he took his sound recording equipment with him to record as much music as he could since the majority of the community have no such technology or money to do so.