Lle Aeth Pawb? 1989

S4C | 6 x 30minutes

Revisiting the children of 1989 – where are they now?

For many, turning 40 raises a lot of questions and provides a chance to assess their lives. What have I achieved? Am I where I want to be? Am I happy?

Back in 1989, S4C broadcast a series of films, Hyn o Fyd – Fy Nghymru I, (Translation: This is the World – My Wales), which followed five children around 10 years old from different parts of Wales and various backgrounds. These youngsters are all around 40 now, but what has happened to them over the years?

We’ll hear the story of all five in a series of five programmes, Lle Aeth Pawb?: 1989, (Translation: Where Did Everyone Go?: 1989). We’ll see clips from the original films and hear from the youngsters in 1989. As we revisit yesterday’s youngsters today, we’ll find out whether they fulfilled their dreams and hear about their hopes for their own children. The people featured are: Robin Davies from Gwyddelwern near Corwen; Donna Morgan from Aberystwyth; Iwan Arthur from Llanuwchllyn; Luned Clement from Cardiff and Ben Evans from Pontygwaith, Rhondda. Everyone has now flown the nest. Some have stayed close to home while others have travelled the world.

Robin Davies, the rosy-cheeked lad from Gwyddelwern, featured in the first programme, was a home bird back in 1989. Although his brother and sister were keen to leave the farm, Robin relished the prospect of working on the farm with the animals. In the original film, we see him helping his family on the farm, singing on the school bus and talking about his future ambitions.

Donna Morgan’s parents owned an old people’s home in Aberystwyth and Donna grew up there. In the original clips, we see her dressed up as a bridesmaid at her big sister’s wedding and hear about her adventures with the Brownies. Did Donna get married and what memories does she have of Aberystwyth in the 1980s?

Iwan Arthur comes from Llanuwchllyn where life revolved around Welsh traditions such as chapel on Sundays, going to eisteddfodau, cerdd dant singing and performing. He dreamed of being a goalkeeper with the Wales football team and of staying in the Llanuwchllyn area. Is he still there running his dad’s garage?

Luned Clement was the daughter of an architect in Cardiff. Her parents moved from the close-knit community of Ystradgynlais to the Welsh capital as her father felt there were more facilities and opportunities for youngsters in Cardiff. Did they make the right decision? And does Luned still live there?

Ben Evans from Pontygwaith, Rhondda was a pupil in Ysgol Rhydfelen. His grandfather used to work down the coalmines but they have since closed and his parents were dreaming of a better life for their children. What’s happening in their lives today?