Lle Aeth Pawb? Merched Pop ’65-’75

S4C | 1 x 60minutes

In a special one hour programme, we’ll hear tales of 60’s youth culture – from the bustling social scene within Welsh communities to the influence of international fashion and music trends.

Female artists of the era will reflect on society’s attitude towards them during the 60’s and 70’s, and how some strived to achieve their own personal dreams and aspirations within the boundaries of what was seen to be socially acceptable of the time.

We’ll hear from Evelyn Owen who travelled far from her native Anglesey before reaching number 1 in the music charts in Singapore. And what trials and tribulations did Tammy Jones overcome in her personal life to hang on to her status as a professional singer all her life? What became of Y Pelydrau from Trawsfynydd and Cardiff trend-setters, Y Diliau?