Rhyfel Mawr Trwy Lygaid Ifanc

S4C | 8 x 30minutes | Cwmni Da / Looks Film

Drama-documentary based on the experiences of children across Europe during the First World War.

When the war dispersed, millions of children from different countries recorded their experiences in diaries and letters. A hundred years later, their stories come alive in a series of eight programmes.
‘The Attack’ follows Thierry Gilbert, a French 14 year old as he joins the army and enters the war, against the wishes of his parents. In ‘The Escape’ we follow 13 year old Justine Verbeek who was caught stealing corn on the cob by the Germans. As punishment, her family must pay them a large amount of money or she faces going to jail.

Frienda Hartmann is a young German girl who was keen to help her sister out as a nurse. She comes to realise that wounded soldiers are only treated to keep fighting, not to cure them.

Alison Brook persuades an 18 year old from their village to join the army in ‘The Lie’, and we see the war through the eyes of 10 year old Tobias Klein in ‘The Betrayal’