Ryland a Roisin : Clancy Cymru

S4C | 1 x 60minutes

Ryland Teifi and his wife Roisin Clancy attempt to form a new Welsh/Irish band for the St Davids Folk Festival.

The Welsh singer Ryland Teifi and his Irish wife Roisin Clancy have been commissioned by the St Davids Folk Festival to form a group to celebrate the special connection between Wales and Ireland. Roisin is the daughter of Bobby Clancy of the legendary Clancy Brothers. Ryland and Roisin’s challenge is to interweave the strengths of the Irish music tradition with the merits of the Welsh tradition as they prepare for the festival.

The programme follows the process of selecting musicians to form the new band Clancy Cymru and there’s an opportunity to get to know Ryland and Roisin’s families and hear about their musical influences.