Stadiymau’r Byd Gyda Jason Mohammad

S4C | 3 x 60 munud

This series visits a host of the planet’s most iconic stadiums

‘Stadiums‘ (Stadiymau’r Byd) is a pioneering international co-production between Irish language broadcaster TG4, Welsh language broadcaster S4C and production companies Loosehorse and Cwmni Da, which has received the support of LIC China, Jeonju Television (JTV) and the Korean Communications Agency (KCA). The project has also received support from Welsh Government via Creative Wales.

The series visits a host of the planet’s most iconic stadiums, including Beijing’s Bird’s Nest Stadium, Seoul’s Olympic Stadium, the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City and Anfield in Liverpool.

Each arena has its own identity and Stadiums will give viewers around the world an unique insight into these palaces of passion; from their storied histories and revered matchday atmospheres, to their architectural and technological brilliance and cultural significance.

The Welsh version of Stadiums will be called Jason Mohammad: Stadiymau’r Byd and fronted by BBC Final Score and Pen/Campwyr host Jason Mohammad, while former five-time All-Ireland GAA champion-turned broadcaster, Dara Ó Cinnéide, will present TG4’s Irish version, Goirt Órga.