The Toilet : An Unspoken History

BBC | 1 x 60minutes | Cwmni Da / Western Front

We each spend three years of our lives on the toilet; but how happy are we talking about this essential part of our lives?

The Toilet: An Unspoken History uncovers the toilet’s role in our culture and exploring its social history in Britain and abroad as well as exploring many of our cultural toilet taboos.

Starting in Merida Spain with some of the the earliest surviving Roman toilets we journey around the world – from the UK to China, Japan and Bangladesh – visiting toilets, ranging from the historically significant to the beautiful, from the functional and sometimes not so functional to the downright bizarre.

Leading our journey is Welsh poet and presenter, Ifor ap Glyn, who has a passionate interest in the toilet, its history and how it has evolved over the centuries right up to the development of the current design and finally a glimpse of the future and a possible solution to the global sanitation issues we now face.