• Wrecsam ’di Wrexham

Wrecsam ’di Wrexham

S4C | 6 x 30mins

A look at the revival of North Wales’s largest town through the eyes of its residents.

“A few years ago Wrexham had almost lost its identity. The football club was in real danger, Wrexham Lager had gone, and Y Saith Seren, one of the town’s most iconic buildings had been closed,” explains Marc Jones, Co-operative Director of the Saith Seren Welsh Centre and Pub.

But today, the situation has changed for the better with the establishment of the co-operative Welsh Centre and Saith Seren pub, the reopening of the Wrexham Lager brewery, and of course, the revival of the football club. And who better to tell the story than Wrexham’s interesting and entertaining locals?