Big Love

BBC One | 1 x 30minutes

Gyda’r ddau ohonyn nhw o dan bedair troedfedd o uchder, maen nhw wedi wynebu nifer o sialensiau mewn bywyd. Yn fwy na dim, roedden nhw’n credu y bydden nhw’n gweld hi’n anodd dod o hyd i gariad…

Phil is 32 and James is 29, and both brothers have a rare form of dwarfism called diastrophic dysplasia. Although they are both of average height themselves, Phil and James’s parents Dawn and Dave are both carriers of the gene, but they were completely unaware of this until their first child Phil was born.

Phil stands at three foot tall and James at three foot seven inches, and they have both faced many challenges. They have struggled with serious physical difficulties that could have left them unable to walk. They have struggled to be accepted, and have endured a lifetime of people staring at them.

But most of all they have always believed that they would struggle to find love. They were wrong…. James is marrying his girlfriend Chloe, and Phil is in a relationship with Kathleen, who he met online.

Two small men who have found their big love story.