Born Small The Wedding

BBC Wales | 2 x 30minutes

Stori am gariad a gobeithion sy’n profi nad oes ots am faint.

Chloe Roberts, aged 22, and James Lusted, aged 26 are getting married. But James and Chloe are not your usual engaged couple. They are young – and if the stats are to be believed, are therefore more likely to get divorced. They are one of just 37% of couples having a religious wedding, and they are abstaining from sex until marriage. James and Chloe have much in common – they share a religion, have the same values, and similar attitudes towards family life. But they have one very noticeable difference. James is just 3 foot 7 inches, and has a rare form of Dwarfism, while Chloe is of average height.
This programme looks at the difference between couples, and how those differences can be negotiated, managed and even celebrated.

How do James and Chloe manage this one obvious difference, if indeed it needs managing at all, and how do they handle public perceptions of their relationship?